Bricks & Mortar

January is my birthday month so it always gets me thinking about my journey!  With the last year bringing a new house into my life, it got me thinking about my bricks and mortar journey so far.

So I was born in the 80's (that's all you are getting) in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.  I have no memory of it at all, we moved away when I was only a few months old.  My parents have told me many a story though.  The most memorable being about a snowy winter in a very hilly place, which resulted in a collection of cars at the bottom of a hill, due to someone trying to be helpful telling people at the top of the hill to stop! This didn't work well as one-by-one, the drivers hit their brakes and subsequently ended up at the bottom with the other vehicles... not through intention of course.  I have never been quite sure whether my dad was one of these drivers, but I get the feeling he was!

Ordnance Survey Map of High Wycombe surrounded by party poppers and decorations

On we moved to Bury.  It's a tiny place in Huntingdon, these days merged with Ramsey and often, ironically not recognised on maps!  Once again, I don't really remember it, although I have a strange recollection of the lounge being long and narrow and a hole in the fence which enabled me to make friends with the child of a similar age from next door.  It is interesting the things we remember, I never know if it is an actual memory or whether I am merely recalling what I have been told over the years! Anyway, there wasn't much to remember as a couple of months before my third birthday I moved to Ampthill.  This is where my story really starts!

Ampthill is a small town in Bedfordshire, I believe it was the smallest place in the UK to be called a town once upon a time... fun fact! In recent years though, it has had a lot of development, so that definitely won't be the case now!  Apart from a brief move to St Neots and back, Ampthill was my home for nearly 20 years. It's a funny place, it doesn't matter where you go in the world, mention Ampthill and often someone will have lived there or will know someone who has!  Lucky people! It's a gorgeous Georgian Market Town, has the most beautiful park and is steeped in history with links to Henry VIII.  More about that another day!

A vintage map of Ampthill hand embroidered with a heart

On we travel... my husband is from Ampthill, we met in Ampthill and decided to buy our first house together and get married just down the road in Flitwick.  After a good few years there we move to our current home in Bedford and we love it!  

A larger town was never on the cards for me, or so I thought, but we have parks, the stunning Embankment, numerous delicious cafes and restaurants and lots of independent businesses!  We have lots of benefits of a larger town, but the biggest sense of community.  Despite having our little retreat in Cornwall (if you have been following me on Instagram, you will know about that), Bedford is home and is a great base to do lots of exploring, as there is so much to discover around here!  

Beautiful Bedford, even if it is a bit soggy right now

It has made me realise that our story, journey, or what we class as home is so much more than bricks and mortar.  My friends, memories, experiences and community are really what have formed my journey to this point and they are the really important things which have put me on the map! 

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