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Stitching Colour

With a cat called Stitch, this could get confusing!  She loves it when I'm embroidering, I however DO NOT! She's a beautiful nightmare and so embroidery is always completed in a room on my own, with relaxing music, and no paws chasing the embroidery silk.
Anyway, I actually wanted to discuss maps... no surprises there!  Mainly embroidering maps and how [fiddly as it is] I love it.  Colour is an important part of a map works design process, as it can add an extra level of personalisation.  Whether a wedding theme, favourite colour, or even bright pink hair colour (this actually happened, and it was fabulous), the possibilities are pretty much endless.
I recently embroidered this piece, which was a second anniversary gift - cotton wedding, genius!  The gorgeous blue was to represent a sapphire engagement ring, with the route following the journey they took on their honeymoon.  Such love in a piece, it was an honour to create it and the blue literally made it! Not only was it a lovely personal detail, but it really complemented the map too. 
Maps are great with most tones, due to the wealth of colours in a map, they are a great partner to both subtle and bold cottons.  I love a yellow - what can I say, it makes me happy!  There are a lot of roads all over the world marked in yellow, so despite it sounding a bit bright, it actually works very well.
Equally, if you wanted to match room decor, or be more neutral, that's perfect too.  A black house, embroidered on a map in a black frame is really nice.  It's modern but also bespoke - ticks lots of boxes.  If however you are buying for love, you can't beat a gorgeous red heart, which of course, is where Love Stitched all began.

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