Life is all about the journey, and what depicts a journey better than a map?

My journey so far has been full of creativity, retail (well who doesn’t love a bit of shopping?!) and community. Growing up helping my parents at craft fairs and markets, studying Art & Design and working for various sized shops in sales, managerial and creative roles all played a part in where I am now.

Back in 2017, I became part of a mobile soup kitchen project called Soupervan. The team, armed with a caravan complete with dining table, china and proper cutlery, served soup, supplied toiletries and a good old fashioned conversation to those in need. Whether team member or service user, all of our journeys were different, but we were all part of a community. We treated people as people, learned from each other and I felt truly inspired. I didn’t want to just go home to my little piece of the map, I wanted to do more…

Everyone Should Have The Opportunity to be On The Map

So with this in mind, On The Map UK donates 10% of its profits to homeless charities who help to house those in need. We want to help people to get off the street and On The Map! Check out the blog to find out about the organisations we support and how you can get involved.

The On The Map UK shop creates original map artwork, travel and journey based products ranging from bespoke gifts and homeware, to stationery and event decor. If you can’t find what you are looking for, get in contact so we can discuss your needs. Finally, check out our services page to find out about what we can offer to put places, events and people on the map.